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2017 Practice Management Handbook

2017 Practice Management Handbook

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Run a Compliant and Healthy Practice in 2017 with this Handy Collection

Contract negotiations with payers, streamlining accounts receivable processes, bringing in new patients and keeping the ones you have happy, as well as complying with CMS and HIPAA regulations, and managing staff—that’s a lot to juggle. And the challenges to keep your practice compliant and profitable keep coming. It’s time to get the upper hand with practice management advice you can trust.

With the 2017 Practice Management Handbook, you’ll nail strategies for surviving payment cuts brought by the shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. You’ll conquer audit readiness and pass scrutiny from MACS, RACS, ZPICS and private payers. What’s more, you’ll master MACRA!

Our experts at The Coding Institute provide easy-to-follow instructions on actionable steps to comply with the new HIPAA requirements and the 2017 OSHA final rule.  Our field-tested tips and best practices on medical necessity documentation and on how to manage your AR and order authentication will help you recoup your deserved pay.

Say goodbye to overwork. Boost your resources with these must-have practice management essentials:

  • Clear up SNF coding snafus before they blossom into trouble.
  • Prevent federal headaches by obeying Stark Law.
  • Validate new patient insurance ASAP and avoid payment confusion.
  • Secure individual breach notifications right to avoid penalties.
  • Crack down on PHI hackers — and keep out of the headlines.
  • Beware: Avoid confrontation at all costs when collecting copays.
  • Combat common-occurrence eligibility denials.
  • Decipher observation denials.
  • Set the proper tone with these tips to balance waiting area amenities, patient comfort.
  • Ace the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance.
  • Use CPT® modifier 26 to snag your provider’s portion of service.


Rely on the expert advice and tips in the 2017 Practice Management Handbook to ensure financial stability for your practice, to meet CMS and HIPAA compliance requirements, and to enhance the satisfaction of your patients and staff.

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