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2017 ICD-10 Handbook

2017 ICD-10 Handbook

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Think you've nailed ICD-10? Think again!

2017 introduced thousands of ICD-10-CM and PCS changes, along with copious updates to the ICD-10-CM official guidelines.

For many providers, guideline confusion has resulted in a high rate of coding errors. Take charge of denial problems that hurt your bottom line. Get all the facts in the 2017 ICD-10 Handbook¸ including easy-to-understand interpretations of the confusing specialty-specific guidelines.  

Say goodbye to the incomprehensible with these easy-to-follow and indispensable features:

  • ICD-10-CM & PCS updates: General information related to the code sets
  • Coding guidelines for each specialty explained in everyday language
  • Important new and revised codes for each specialty
  • The 2017 ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS official guidelines
  • Define your approach using PCS code’s 5th character
  • Expert Advice to succeed at coding with ‘Code First’ and payer policy answers
  • How to document unspecified codes
  • Quizzes to assess and reinforce your coding know-how


Want more? We have everything you need to conquer the most obstinate ICD-10-CM and –PCS challenges!

  • Gear up for the end of Medicare’s ‘code family’ clemency
  • Nail down root operations in ICD-10-PCS
  • Master your MTHFR codes
  • Simplify hundreds of Salter-Harris fracture code changes
  • 3 tips to help your optometry claims sail through
  • 3 Pediatric ICD-10 tips you probably haven’t heard before
  • Watch ICD-10 dominant side guideline with CVA sequelae
  • Size up these 7 cardiology changes for ICD-10-CM 2017
  • Heed new codes for intraoperative and postprocedural complications
  • Z codes changes that impact internal medicine specialists
  • Familiarize yourself with these five obstetric changes
  • Plus reams more of essential topics for the spectrum of specialties


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