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CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017

CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017

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Correctly apply CCI edits in a snap with CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017!

Does complying with CCI edits take up too much of your time? Are you tired of flipping through manuals or scrolling up and down lengthy CMS tables?

We’ve got a quick fix you’re going to love.

Rely on the TCI to simplify your bundling decisions with the ultra-convenient CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017.

Turbocharge your claim submissions with every 2017 CPT® code, categorized by specialty for quick reference, arranged with corresponding CCI edits, as well as official descriptors for Categories I-III. We’ve highlighted new and revised 2017 CPT® codes, added page headers and tabs, and created a comprehensive code index for speedy access.

Nail down bundling decisions for every procedure with the CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017:

·         List of CPT® codes with corresponding CCI edits

  • Find CPT® codes categorized by specialties for quick reference
  • Hone your accuracy with specialty-specific CPT® codes with official descriptors for Categories I-III
  • Pin down new and revised 2017 CPT® codes 
  • Clarify bundling decisions for each procedure
  • Comprehensive code index with page numbers for fast searches
  • Page headers and tabs for swift navigation


No muss, no fuss, no wasted time—CCI edits just got a whole lot simpler with CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017.


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*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association


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