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Special Handbooks

Explore TCI’s Collection of Specialty-Specific ICD-10 Handbooks

Master accurate, coding, billing, compliance, and reimbursement with TCI’s specialty-specific handbooks.

TCI handbooks provide solid guidance on wide-ranging issues, such as: Medicare rules, specialty-specific coding, F2F documentation, HIPAA, NPP hiring, reimbursement, hospice coding, practice management, and more.

Choose from fifty-plus comprehensive specialty-specific medical compliance and coding books with the latest information and expert guidance to perfect your coding choices and optimize your revenue. We offer E/M auditing worksheets, pain management coding bundles, modifier coding, practice management, specialty specific physical examination worksheets, hospice payment, clinical laboratory coding, pediatric coding, E/M coding, Medicare compliance, and more.

Boost your understanding of your specialty’s most-used diagnoses codes and documentation guidelines with our ICD-10 handbooks — customized for 20 different specialties.