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Coders' Specialty Guide 2017: Dermatology/Plastics

Coders' Specialty Guide 2017: Dermatology/Plastics

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2017 Edition with Revamped Name, Design and Features!


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Based on your suggestions, we’ve redesigned one of our best dermatology and plastic surgery books. SuperCoder Illustrated for Plastics/Dermatology is now Coders' Specialty Guide 2017: Dermatology/Plastics, your one-stop resource for coding dermatology and plastics procedures.

This Coders’ Specialty Guide contains all the industry-leading features that you have come to rely on in SuperCoder Illustrated book, along with expert plastic surgery and dermatology coding tips, vital reimbursement information, official CPT codes with descriptions, along with these bonus features that were requested by readers like you :

  • Comprehensive listing of CPT® codes for dermatology and plastic surgery, with related specialties, all in one convenient reference
  • Coding advice to boost revenue and halt claim denials and HCPCS codes with lay definitions for greater coverage
  • ICD-10-CM-to CPT® crosswalks to code accurately and ethically and reduce the risk of an audit
  • Simplified code index with corresponding page numbers to assist in quick code searches
  • Illustrations with codes for better understanding of the procedures and selecting the right code
  • And much more!


Learn to better manage your plastics and dermatology billing and coding process to reduce claim denials and increase your revenue bottom line! To pre-order this coding manual, call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of the NEW Coders' Specialty Guide 2017: Dermatology/Plastics!

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