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2018 Procedural Coding Advisor

2018 Procedural Coding Advisor

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Sail into 2018 with the complete list of new, revised, and deleted codes and expert guidance to maximize reimbursement.

Master CPT® changes, ramp up your coding efficiency, and increase your revenue in 2018 with this indispensable procedure guide from TCI.

Make the grade with the 2018 CPT® code set and essential tools and advice: 

  • Official 2018 CPT® Codes and their descriptions with Alphabetic Index, Index to External Causes, and Tabular List to navigate quickly
  • ·         Customized alphabetic index saves time so you can stop chasing numerous cross-references
  • ·         Full listing of new, revised, and deleted codes with 2018 coding advice and deleted codes crosswalk
  • ·         New code articles for 2018 codes
  • ·         E/M coding advice
  • ·         CPT® and HCPCS modifiers, definitions, and bonus tips
  • ·         HCPCS G Codes to CPT® crosswalk
  • ·         Inpatient-only procedure codes
  • ·         Category II modifiers
  • ·         Anesthesia and ambulatory modifiers
  • ·         Resequenced codes
  • ·         Vascular families for interventional radiology coding
  • ·         Modifier 51 and 63 exempt codes, add-on codes, moderate sedation codes
  • ·         Brand-name vaccinations associated with CPT® codes
  • ·         Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System Fact Sheet
  • ·         Place of service (POS) and type of service (TOS) lists
  • ·         Drug class list
  • ·         Payment status indicators
  • ·         Full-colored anatomical and procedural illustrations throughout

PLUS—get these bonus features from our expert coding educators:

  • ·         Colored and highlighted symbols designate codes as:
  • ·         New/revised, add-on, resequenced, conscious sedation, FDA approval pending, modifier 51 or 63 exempt, female/male only procedures, maternity services/procedures
  • ·         PQRS quality measures code
  • ·         Facility/Non-facility total RVU
  • ·         Global days
  • ·         Medically unlikely edit
  • ·         Modifier crosswalk
  • ·         ASC payment indicator/ASC separate payment
  • ·         APC status indicator/APC value
  • ·         CPT® Assistant article references
  • ·         Dictionary-style headers and colored bleed tabs, listing the first and last code on each page
  • ·         Category II and Category III codes
  • ·         Multianalyte assays

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